Summer Camps Offer Unlimited Possibilities

So Much to Do At Camp, the Opportunities are Unlimited

As President and Mrs. Obama send their daughter to summer camp, they may be wondering what activities will fill her day. Depending on interests and camp offerings, a day at camp can vary greatly - including so many exciting experiences and opportunities to learn something new. Every summer, happy campers return home after their time at camp with new found skills, greater confidence, and a sense of community that can only be found at camp.

Some camps offer a little bit of everything, and campers have the option to participate in a buffet of activities - including swimming, horseback riding, archery, canoeing, ropes courses, art, drama, and many, many more. Other camps may specialize in one or two activities, such as academics, the arts, or soccer. There are other activities: such as campfires, family-style meals, and quiet moments in nature - that are as much a part of the camp experience as the zip line or high ropes course.

Camp community is wide-ranging, and that there truly is a camp suited for every child. Whether families are looking for an all-around experience, or one that focuses more on one or two activities, families need to be encouraged to find the camp that meets their children's needs.

For some campers, camp is the ideal time to try something new. 63 percent of parents reported that their child continued to participate in new activities learned at camp after they returned home.

President and Mrs. Obama, along with the parents of over 10 million campers this summer, can rest assured that regardless of whether their child is focusing on favorite activities, or trying a wide variety of new ones, their child's camp experience will offer unlimited opportunities to make new friends and participate in camp traditions that collectively share a 150-year history. Tell your friends and family to visit for everything camping related.

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